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Navigating the business field is both terrifying and exciting. There are some things that one may consider mundane, but the impact on your bottom line could be tremendous. Think about the effect a company logo or a company slogan has. But coming up with a good slogan is not easy, however, with the use of a business slogan generator, you cut down on the time and resources that you would have otherwise used if you are to engage a creative agency. we will look at some of the most powerful slogans in the market, and how a slogan generator can help you create the perfect one for your business.

Just do it - Nike

Other Outstanding Slogans

Nike is a brand that has conquered logo and slogan generation. With only three words and a swoosh, the level of brand awareness for the Nike brand is impressive. Its origin may chill you a little bit though; the creators of The Brand Wieden + Kennedy agency got the inspiration for the slogan from The Last Words uttered by Gary Gilmore (a criminal sentenced to death for armed robbery and assault), before his execution. The words were ‘Let’s do it,’ and the creative agency replaced the Let’s with the word Just. Nike went on to launch a campaign with the new slogan and so a leap of over 25% in sales.

Finger Lickin good - KFC

KFC used the ‘Finger Lickin Good’ slogan for over 50 years before they opted not to use it anymore.

Interestingly, many people will still associate the slogan with KFC, a clear indication of how powerful it was.

Let Your Fingers Do the Walking - Yellow Pages

If you grew up before the explosion of the internet, you know that if you needed to get a number and address, you would have to look for it in a directory. It is easy to see why the slogan worked so well.

The Best a Man Can Get - Gillette

Gillette had a history of poor branding strategies, which would mostly focus on the hard sell of the brand’s masculinity, and how good its blades are. The brand was not able to build an emotional connection with the final consumers. It was not until 1989 when their marketing agency came up with the slogan, ‘the best a man can get.’ it took the two aspects that the company had been trying to shove down people’s throats, and combined it into one palatable slogan.   Many would attribute Gillette’s dominance in the industry to this powerful slogan.
The Best a Man Can Get - Gillette

What Happens Here Stays Here - Las Vegas

This is perhaps one of the most famous taglines ever. In some cases, it has unfortunately not hard very positive brand connotation because Vegas is to many the city of debauchery and sin. But overall, it has found expression in many aspects. The Las Vegas convention found that people liked to come to Vegas because they had the freedom to do what they would not do at home.   The agency came up with the slogan ‘what happens here stays here.’ They realized that people wanted a place they could be free without any consequences. It has been so strong that the city generates $26 for every $1 spent on advertising.  

Because I'm worth it - L'Oreal

McCann Erickson was the agency behind this L’Oreal slogan. For a long time,   marketing efforts did not take the woman’s perspective into consideration concerning marketing. The agency decided to approach it from the angle of gender equality; initially, it was because ‘You’re worth it,’ but this did not connect well with the ladies. it’ became ‘I am worth it’ to ‘because ‘we are worth it.’

the brand has decided to position itself as one that takes into consideration the philosophy and lifestyle of empowered women.

Other Outstanding Slogans

There are so many other slogans that communicate very well; these include Life’s Good; LG, Melts in your Mouth, not in your hands; M&Ms, Think Different; Apple, impossible is Nothing; At, the happiest place on Earth; Disneyland, Save money. Live better; Walmart,  among others. You will realize that most of these slogans appeal to the emotions of the final consumer by touching critical points of their lives, whether it is a focus on money, happiness or even success.

Using the Shopify slogan generator

You will find many tools online that you can use to generate your business slogan. Shopify generator will help you discover catchy slogans for your brand whether for advertising purposes or a catchy tagline. To stand out, you will need a slogan that is unique, creative, and has excellent recall; and this is what you’ll get with the Shopify tool. The slogan generator is quite simple to use because the prompts are straightforward. All you need to do is describe your business, and it will generate up to 1000 slogans for you.

What to consider when picking a slogan for your business

With up to 1000 slogans generated, you may find it a bit overwhelming to pick one. You should, therefore, ensure that the slogan you opt for; –

  • Is simple, memorable and easy to understand.
  • Reflects your brand identity.
  • Different from what your competitors are using.
  • Unique and draws a positive emotional reaction from people.
  • Unique and draws a positive emotional reaction from people.
  • Passes the key messaging to the consumers using the fewest words possible.
  • Makes no false claims
  • Consistent with the product, brand, and target.

Final thoughts

Creating a business slogan is an essential step for any business. Using a generator for business slogans, you will come up with a unique one, which will help you build your brand awareness.

By using the slogan generator, all you need to do is enter a keyword that aptly describes your business, and you will get over 1000 slogans, giving you fantastic variety. Pick a slogan that reflects your business well, and run it by a few people so that they can let you know what they think.

Note, however, even with the generator for the slogans; you may not be able to come up with the perfect slogan overnight. You will still need to sample what the tool has generated and tweak it a little if need be so that you get a one that adheres to the factors we have highlighted above.

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