Let’s be clear – the simple answer to this question is a huge YES. One of the most popular trends in the restaurant industry today is the use of Point of Sale (POS) systems powered by iPads. It looks like app developers and Apple are making these tablets extremely useful business tools. Before the introduction of these mobile devices, POS systems of the past were usually relying on large terminals and software apps that were used only via Personal Computers. Sure, these systems were useful too, but they had many limitations like huge initial investment, management cost and lack of mobility. In the last few years, thanks to the rapid advance in technology we can now use iPad POS software. This is a new thing for many restaurant owners and they are not sure whether a POS system like this can help them or not. That’s why we have created a short list of advantages of using an iPad POS.

Easy to use

Slightly older POS systems were a little bit difficult to learn. Staff members had to take training lessons in order to master the use of these POS systems. Technically, this means that business owners had to spend money on training and lose staff members for a while. iPads are made with user-friendliness in mind. The same goes for the software used on these mobile devices. With its intuitive buttons and pleasant visual interface, your staff members won’t have any problems realizing how the device works. It usually takes a day or two for them to get fully used to iPad POS.

Cuts managerial efforts

Back in the days, POS systems required significant managerial involvement. For instance, managers had to schedule employee hours, check time cards and more. If you decide to use an iPad POS, you should know that the entire process is completely automated. Even the most complex reports are generated in a matter of seconds. The manager just has to press the adequate button and he will get these tedious activities done.

Better customer experience

The latest iPad POS systems come with digital menus. To put it simply, this is a nice option for real-time ordering which makes the process of taking orders, preparing food/drinks, and getting them to the customers as simple as possible. There is no doubt that the customer experience will be significantly improved with this system.

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